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Hello everyone, Today I am sharing a new floor plan design. It’s a 2D floor plan design.

If anyone needs 3d design just click the link here

But anyone can use this floor plan for personal house-making or get inspiration from this design.

This design is all copyright reserved MAX SKILL IT our mother company.

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floor plans
2bhk floor plan

In this photo you every detail about floor plan design. I am also sharing full measurements with everyone to understand perfectly.

This floor plan has Two Bedrooms, Two Bathrooms, a dining+kitchen area, and a balcony.

Here there are stairs and a parking area also.

The floor plan’s total area is 864 square feet.

The length is 36′ feet and the width is 24′ feet.

Two bedrooms are first one 10′-4″x11′-4″ feet and second one 11′-8″x11′-4″ feet.

The common bathroom size is 5′-9″x 6′-5″ feet and the attached bathroom size is 6′-5″x5′-9″ feet.

Dining and Kitchen area size is 11′-8″x11′-4″ feet.

The balcony size is 8′-0″x5′-9″ feet.

Parking and stair area size is 10′-4″x17′-9″ feet.

Now follow the image to understand perfectly this floor plan.

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